Go Organic Services

Our organic-based fertilization features Holganix, an organic, food-grade edible and bio-nutritional product that begins at the base to create healthy soil, roots and grass.

Holganix allows us to reduce pesticide usage up to 90% while still giving you the green weed free lawn you love that is safer for families, pets, and our planet.

While it may look like your landscape plants are surviving on their own, they need to be looked after just as much as your lawn.

Trees are long-term investments, it is important to care for them. We focus on treating and preventing harmful diseases and insects that damage trees and shrubs in your yard.


Our 7-step 100% Organic Tick treatments will virtually eliminate the threat of the tick-borne diseases present in our region and minimize your risk.

Our technician will spray your yard, targeting wood lines, foliage of shrubbery and tall grasses. Applications are sprayed monthly from April through October.


Go Organic will spray overgrown and unwanted vegetation from concrete areas such as sidewalks, pavers, guardrails and

parking lots, applying a non-selective herbicide spray.

The treatments will effectively wipe out all growth and should only be applied to areas where you wish to remove all forms of vegetation.

Our  specially  trained technicians will come to your property and identify all the poison ivy, show you where it’s coming from and explain the best way to remove it.  Under most circumstances, our crews remove your poison ivy by hand, carefully digging below the surface.  The removal is followed by our maintenance program, which is designed to ensure your property remains poison ivy free. Poison Ivy removal is not a do-it-yourself job!