Go Organic Lawn Care

Probiotics for Your Soil

Go Organic offers the finest in Bio-Nutritional Lawn Care. Unlike traditional lawn care companies that rely on synthetics to create a green lawn, Go Organic's Bio Nutritional Lawn Care Program replaces the lost nutrients in your soil, creating a natural, healthy way to have a greener lawn. Think of it like "probiotics for your soil". In the same way probiotics in yogurt replenish the healthy bacteria in your intestines, our probiotic formula replaces the missing healthy bacteria in your soil, bacteria that is crucial for the health of your soil and lawn.

By creating healthier soil, we create a healthier lawn, a lawn that will be more resistant to diseases, weeds and insect damage. Our program also encourages deep root development.

This is achieved in five visits to your property.

We also offer an optional aeration (done in late summer/early fall) and over-seeding in the Fall.

To find out how you can have a healthier, greener, weed-free lawn, simply fill out the quote request form or call the office now.

Our Bio-Nutritional Lawn Care Program

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Bio-Nutritional Fertilizer $

  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Weed Control (included)
  • Natural Disease Suppression - FREE