Poison Ivy Removal

Poison Ivy Removal

Serving New Jersey and parts of NY.

Did you know our sister company, Poison Ivy Gone, is America's best and most professional poison ivy removal service company.  Our specially trained technicians will come to your property, identify all the poison ivy, show you where it's coming from and explain the best way to remove it and keep it from coming back.

Under most circumstances our crews remove poison ivy by hand, carefully digging below the surface.  To be certain that the poison ivy doesn't return we offer monthly maintenance visits.  We offer the safest, best and most complete method of poison ivy removal. Our results are guaranteed.

Poison Ivy Gone offers a complete range of options to address your poison plant problems. We specialize in the hand removal ( a green alternative to chemical spraying) of plants like poison ivy in order to assure that the problem does not continue in the future. We also offer maintenance programs to help in the prevention of regrowth.

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Poison Ivy Removal

Hand-removal of poison ivy and maintenance.

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