Don’t Forget About Aeration!

Like our bodies, your lawn needs water, oxygen and nutrients to live and thrive. Hard, compacted soil and thick layers of thatch, (a naturally occurring plant byproduct) can limit the amount of water, and oxygen getting into your soil, limiting the nutrients reaching the roots of your lawn. This creates shallow roots and an unhealthy lawn.

Core Aeration is the process of using an aerator machine to punch nickel size holes (called plugs) through the thatch and into the soil allowing it to breathe and opening channels for oxygen, water and nutrients to get deeper into the soil.

The plugs are redeposited back onto the soil where the thatch can decompose and add even more nutrients to the soil. The results are deeper routes and a stronger, healthier lawn.

To further improve the health of the lawn Go Organic also does spot seeding to an aerated lawn. We recommend that you aerate and spot seed at least once per year. The best time is late Summer and early Fall.

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